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Virtual Reality Technology For All Your Teams

Veris Behavior offers multiple Virtual Reality solutions for all aspects of research, innovation, and marketing in the Retail industry.

Understanding your consumer with Virtual Reality

Customer Insights

We develop solutions that combine Virtual Reality, Neuromarketing, and Data technologies to conduct consumer studies where we simulate the purchasing process in an immersive way, allowing users to feel like they are truly inside a store. Our aim is to assist retail, consumer goods, food and beverage, and pharmacy companies in validating their commercial and marketing strategies before launching them to the market.

Our technology helps make better decisions, save money on new packaging designs, new product launches, and shelf optimization, validate promotions and advertising materials before implementing them in stores, and gain a deeper understanding of shoppers, product categories, and brand health.

Store and Study Configurator

Virtual Laboratory - Digital Twin

We create an immersive twin of YOUR STORE using Virtual Reality for conducting consumer studies, as well as utilizing the immersive space for other purposes such as showrooms or immersive presentations to different stakeholders.


The digital twin will include a scenario and study configurator that will provide you with autonomy to change the product order and store layout. Additionally, you will be able to configure study instructions and questions and have access to our analysis platform to view the results.

Immersive Experiences


We design unique spaces and immersive experiences in virtual reality to create a deeply meaningful and emotional interaction between your customers, stakeholders, and each fundamental component that shapes your products, history, stores, and brands.

This interaction not only facilitates a clearer understanding of the intrinsic value of your products but also provides your customers with a revolutionary and innovative way to experience them.

Moreover, users can immerse themselves and actively participate in your narrative, allowing them to connect with the values and visions that define your organization. Additionally, we faithfully recreate your store spaces in virtual environments, providing a virtual shopping experience that closely resembles the real in-store experience or other spaces such as wineries, field tours, and more.

Amaze and Persuade Your Customers

Sales Presentations

Immerse yourself in realistic commercial spaces without investing in physical installations and offer immersive and convincing experiences for your customers and coworkers.

With our platform, you can preview current merchandise and deliver immersive and creative presentations at the product, space, and marketing effort levels, making your proposition stand out in a competitive market and garnering support from different stakeholders, but above all, from your customer.

Here’s what our clients say about our immersive sales solution: Veris Behavior has represented our category shelf with incredible precision and realism. Immersion in the virtual supermarket is convincing everyone who tries it, allowing the same freedom of movement as in reality.” – Bruno Ramos, Lactalis Group.

Immersive Learning

VR Training

By using virtual environments, your team can practice complex situations in a safe and controlled setting, allowing them to acquire skills more effectively and at their own pace.

VR trainings can be customized to fit the specific needs of the company and the staff, ensuring more relevant and valuable training. You can train your team for store management, sales techniques, promotion execution, and many more.

Do you want to learn more about the power of virtual reality in Shopper Marketing?

Study by the Marketing Science Institute: "Virtual Reality For Shopper Research"

This report by the Marketing Science Institute in the United States examines the impact of new marketing programs through virtual reality simulations. The introduction of new products, packaging updates, and discount promotions were evaluated. By using simulations in the early stages of product development, companies can test marketing ideas in a realistic environment and improve their chances of identifying innovative concepts to drive their business forward.

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