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Find all the resources, both our own and third-party, in one place to learn or delve into the use of virtual reality in retail, CPG, food, and market research.

Discover a study on the validity of virtual reality for market research studies.

Study by the Swiss National Science Foundation: "The comparability of consumers' behavior in virtual reality and real life: A validation study of virtual reality based on a ranking task."

This study, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, tested the applicability and validity of virtual reality (VR) as a data collection tool for consumer behavior by comparing participants’ behavior in virtual reality with real-world behavior. Learn more about the accuracy of virtual reality studies in the retail industry.

Do you want to know more information about the power of virtual reality in Shopper Marketing?

Study by the Marketing Science Institute: "Virtual Reality For Shopper Research"

This report from the Marketing Science Institute in the United States examines the impact of new marketing programs through virtual reality simulations. The introduction of new products, packaging updates, and discount promotions were evaluated. By using simulations in the early stages of product development, companies can test marketing ideas in a realistic environment and improve their chances of identifying innovative concepts to drive their business forward.

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