VR for Retail, CPG, Food, and many more.


We generate and present business insights through immersive digital twins using virtual reality, neuromarketing, and data analysis for advanced consumer research.

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Veris behavior


We transform retail, CPG, food, pharmaceutical, and other industries with our technology that integrates virtual reality, neuromarketing, and advanced data.

Innovate Without Limits: Your Own Virtual Laboratory

Create and modify your own ‘VR Stores’ for consumer analysis, immersive presentations, and staff training without the need for physical space or inventory.

Realistic Virtual Shopping Experience

We simulate your space in a completely realistic manner with the highest quality of design, making the customer feel in a true purchasing process.

Advanced Analytics and Neuromarketing

We combine neuromarketing, data science, and AI to collect, process, and analyze all the information we generate within the immersive store.


Strategic Consumer Studies

Make better decisions, save money on new packaging designs, new product launches, and shelf and price optimization. Validate promotions and advertising materials before launching them in-store, and gain a better understanding of your category and brand health.

Understand your consumer

Customer Insight

We utilize virtual reality and neuromarketing in market research studies within immersive stores, emulating a real purchasing process, in order to validate the effectiveness of marketing and sales actions.

Store configurator and research studies

Virtual Laboratory
Digital Twin

We develop digital twins of stores, including a scenario configurator that allows you to autonomously modify the store layout, product placements, and study and showroom instructions

Convince the stakeholders

Immersive Sales Presentations

Preview new products, planograms, spaces, promotions, and marketing efforts in VR, ensuring that your proposal stands out in a competitive market and gaining the support of customers and various stakeholders.

Immersive experience

Showrooms and Virtual Tours

Design unique space and experiences in virtual reality for a deep and emotional interaction of customers and stakeholders with your products, story, stores, and brands.

Immersive training

VR Training

Create training programs for the team operating within the stores and involved in sales to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of executing promotional activities and customer interactions.

Type of studies

Analyze your entire marketing strategy with VR

With the investment in our Virtual Reality, Neuromarketing, and data analysis technology, you will be able to leverage VR to evaluate the effectiveness of all your marketing and sales actions.


Discover the ability to enhance the visibility, attraction, and conversion to sales of your packaging.

New Products

Measure the actual impact of new products in the category and calculate the real probability of sales.

Customer Journey

Optimize the customer journey with realistic simulations of the purchasing process.

Layout Design

Measure the impact of new store layouts and assess the effectiveness of current ones.


Discover if promotions have a real impact on sales and how to optimize them.


Evaluate the impact and price sensitivity in a more realistic context.


Explore different planogram configurations to design optimal setups that maximize the profitability of your retail space.

Category Analysis

Identify patterns and unmet needs in the category to uncover new business opportunities.

Working together

How it works?


Schedule a demo

Schedule a meeting where we showcase the immersive power of our technology and explore how it can benefit your company and multiple teams.


Presentation and closing of proposal

Based on your challenges or needs, we develop a personalized proposal for an immersive study or solution, and once accepted, we begin working on it.


Scenario and product creation

Our team of engineers and designers will model all your scenarios, products, and those of your competitors, which can be used in multiple studies and showrooms.


First Study or Showroom

We conduct the first immersive study, working with real consumers from your category who will go through the virtual experience. You will be able to view the data within our platform, and we will provide you with a report containing a comprehensive analysis of the findings.


We continue working together

Schedule a meeting where we can demonstrate the immersive power of our technology and explore how it can benefit your company and multiple teams.

Supermarkets, stores, pharmacies, bars, and much more

Explore All Our Scenarios

We have developed multiple scenarios that you can use for your studies and presentations, or we can create a store from scratch for you or your client.

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Reduction of bias in concept testing using Virtual Reality (Journal of Business Research).

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Improvement in sales prediction in packaging testing using Virtual Reality (Journal of Business Research).

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Projected annual growth of VR in retail until 2025 (MarketsandMarkets).

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Neuromarketing with Virtual Reality

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